Autumn 2020

A little about the autumn fashion trends, I am not at all in the trendy fashion ... but we all want to Shine a little so usually find my colors and preferably some accessories that fit my style "I am a jeans girl" maybe boring but it suits me and the fact that I am an outdoor girl who goes for many walks but my best friend Little No. If I'm going to a party, of course I want to look good. So basically, I'm probably pretty casual.
But when I thought a bit about this blog post I was around some sites that know something about trends.

Here is what I found:

Brown colors, nature colors and orange and golden. Okay ... that keeps me "smiling" very well. Out in nature.

Leather: Is obviously all in again or still. So whether it's black or natural colored then buy buy ... it hits. I love leather has the coolest long cognac colored super soft jacket from the Danish companyFurst check their stuff out they are in delicious, delicious quality.

Collars big and 80s like ... what I had not just seen coming. Meen it might be something.

Jewelry should be with pearls, okay well then I have to be a little on the trend. Since without actually reading what is moving I have actually made quite a few earrings with real pearls.
And in the color choice, you can easily find something in my collections that hits the trend. The BoHo style is also mentioned, which I think is a bit delicious.

That was my little summary of what fashion says in the fall of 2020. You can read a lot more here.