The semi-precious stones


Amazonite is a greenish / turquoise colored semi-precious stone. ... The meaning of the stone: Amazonite is a powerful and powerful stone that makes us aware of our bad habits and negative thought and action patterns. The Amazonite has a beneficial effect on all types of tension, especially in the head, neck and shoulders.


Apatite is a dual-action stone, known for its positive way of creating personal power for you to reach your goal. It removes confusion, apathy or negativity, stimulates the intellect which can be used for personal growth or for a collective good.

Light Blue Sea Sediment Jaspers

Jasper is characterized by its brown hues and patterns and is found mainly in Australia. The stone influences all the body's chakras and helps to create balance and harmony. It acts on the entire energy system and can create personal immersion and insight. It is often used to bring hope and evoke hidden messages from the subconscious, but can also help cleanse the kidneys and improve the immune system.

Jasper stone is generally a symbol of love and sacrifice and can help free the owner from guilt. If a Jasper stone is placed in a painful place on the body, it should be able to pull out the disease and thus sacrifice itself.

Lapis Lazuli


Patience, Concentration, Clarity, Strength, Intuition

A stone of friendship and will. Helps to be true to oneself and to realize inner needs. For strength, clarity, increased concentration and patience.
Stimulates the contact to intuition, inner voice, the spiritual self.
Provides spiritual insight and power.
Strengthens the immune system and good against tension and sore throat.

Peacock Blue Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger eye Blue also known as falcon eye 1 cm. Tiger Eye Blue also known as falcon eye is a very calming stone, reducing stress, increasing calm and easing anxiety. ... This stone has the ability to make you see the problems that might have been difficult to see otherwise.s.




Overview, Intuition, Grounding, Inspiration, Digestive Problems

A transformation and magic stone. For inspiration, new energy and resources new beginning..
Gives your strength back when you feel exhausted or tired.

Good against locking in old patterns and conditions. Provides clarity and insight attracts success..
Stimulates and activates intuition and grounding. Awakens your deep inner consciousness where creativity is infinite.

Cleanses old traumas and anxiety and heals deep wounds in the soul. Improves and protects your aura. Protects against unwanted energies.
Provides mental acuity.
Good for stress, restlessness, visual disturbances, metabolic and digestive problems.




Self-confidence, Strength, Intelligence, Power of action, Physical heart

Available in many different variants and stands for self-confidence, strength and intelligence. Good at helping people think fast and clearly.
Strengthens the physical heart, and supports the connection between body and soul.
Provides courage and drive to overcome uncertainty.
Supports trade transactions and launches.