About me

My name is Connie Riddersholm
I live in beautiful Ebeltoft with my boyfriend and my lovely German Shepherd dog Noah.
I have been self-employed since 2004, trained as an office assistant and trained web designer. Over the years, I have worked mostly as a self-taught graphic artist.
In 2010 I started the company Riddersholm Design where I sold my graphic designs to 10 countries. My products were scrapbooking paper, gift paper, various packaging designs and accessories primarily as a wholesaler for the hobby industry. I have been to a number of trade fairs with my business, and have held many courses in, for example, cards, invitations, albums and scrapbooking.
Riddersholm Design was discontinued in 2018.
I still make graphic designs including graphic portraits of animals.
If you are interested in this you can see examples of my Crea GrafiskFacebook page
In my free time I train with my German Shepherd, cycle a bit and go on a lot of walks in the nature around Ebeltoft. I often run around with my camera and capture nature and Noah in a ray of sunshine.
I look forward to showing you my jewelry designs here on my Crea page.
You can buyearrings,bracelet andchains. Mostly handmade by me with delicious materials like crystal pearls, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stone pearls, wooden pearls and gilded charms and pearls. I make boatsmens bracelet andwoman bracelet.
And who knows if there will be more goodies along the way.
Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my background and me.

Many greetings